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08 February 2021

February 2021 update of Project Sakura.

With every month passing we are moving closer towards the spring we want (atleast in my country). So, with a very deep line that I took a whole week to think up ; I am writing the blog post for february just like I do every month. This month is very very fucking busy for me.. but guess what? we are one day early with the update than we were last month. Though there are no big overhaul just some small tweaks and changes.

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Wondering what's new we have this month?

  • February Security Patch.
  • Navigation gesture height.
  • Ability to manually reset battery stats.
  • A ton of accents, like a whole load of them.


Yeah, really that's all the major changes we did for this release. Initially I planned for more changes but nothing ever goes as planned. Also, We have had to say goodbye to a lot of our favorite devices like Galaxy A30, A40, M30 and Begonia; Pfft good riddance. But we have a lot of newly supported devices with this release like OnePlus 6, Galaxy A10, Redmi K20 and Poco X3 and we are always expanding to support more and more devices.

So, That was everything for this release and see you in March with a big release. Also, If you like how hard I work to bring you awesome and absolutely free software, you can go ahead and gift me some coffee, Buying me a coffee. Also I would like to thanks to Thapsus for buying me some coffee last month.

Well, this was it for this very small update and if you find any bugs do report it to us with logcat coz Logcat or gtfo. As always do follow us on twitter @ProjectSakura_ coz we keep posting fun stuff on it ;)

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