Project Sakura

21 March 2021

Project Sakura is now associated with GSSOC'21

It's me, the web developer of project sakura, You might have seen some website changes in this past month and about those changes I want you to inform that our project got selected as GSSOC'21 and many of the contributors all around the world are coming and working on our website.

All have the same goal in mind to make user experience and user interface better, We are planning to create some new things which I am sure ,you gonna like it, For Now I want to thank the GSSOC community and all the contributors who are contributing to our project

Okay good, so what are the change log in the website

  • The stats page is much more faster and now have 2 theme.
  • The buttons and the theme in the stats/blog website is changed and all website are adopting homogenous design

So, That was everything for this website update and hopefully see ya all in April. Also, If you like how hard We work to bring you awesome and absolutely free software, you can go ahead and gift me some coffee, Buy me a coffee.

Well, this was it for this update and if you find any bugs in the website do report it to me on official telegram group by tagging me( @C0un13rT3rr0r1st ) . As always do follow us on twitter @ProjectSakura_ coz we keep posting fun stuff on it ;)

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Arun Teltia

Arun Teltia is the lead web developer of the project. He is a passionate web developer and loves to watch anime is his spare time.